The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law (English, Paperback, Associated Press, AP Stylebook ). Be the first to Review this product. The page food section offers an official AP Recipe Style, as well as answers to style questions of the Food is a focus in AP Stylebook. The AP Stylebook will now include such terms as end user, geolocation, geotagging, link shortener, stream and unfollow, according to a.


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What about french fries?

French fry is down, because it is a reference to the style of cut of the potato, not a reference to the country. So lower case for the french, not upper case.

Common Sense Journalism: Get your AP Stylebook T-shirts while they're hot

Lower case french, yup. What about bok choy?

Well, like I say, there were, like, four or five different ways of spelling it, which isn't actually uncommon. When you're dealing with ethnic terms like that that have clearly have been translated and changed over the years, it's quite normal to have a number of variants.

It doesn't mean we should be using four or five different ways of spelling it across our stories. And so, in that case, I just went with what I 2011 ap style book was the dominant spelling, which was b-o-k c-h-o-y.

We're speaking with the Associated Press food editor J. We're talking about the AP Stylebook's new food guideline section. Now bloody mary is 2011 ap style book.

Mary is not capitalized. But what about Sloppy Joe?

Cooking In AP Style: A Stew Of Words Spelled Right : NPR

This is my what I've decided, this is a case of culinary sexism because for reasons that aren't clear to me, bloody mary is not capitalized but Sloppy Joe is. And here's the reasoning behind this; as we go through all of our criteria is, you know, is there a trademark involved, is there a dominant usage, if it fails all of these tests to 2011 ap style book up with a clear answer 2011 ap style book way or another, we then go to a certain edition of Webster's Collegiate Dictionary that we use.


And unless there's a good reason not to we default to what they say. And, you know, one of the things I try to keep in 2011 ap style book when we're collecting these terms is things that are confusing. Things that might be similar enough to be just confusing when you're writing. For example, you know, Alfredo and alfresco.


They sound an awful lot alike. You know, but one is capitalized and the other isn't. A fungus that grows on corn. Considered a delicacy of Mexican cuisine, it 2011 ap style book a smoky-sweet flavor. Hirsch, AP food editor. Stylebook Mobile contains all content from the spiral-bound Stylebook.

Formerly known as the Freedom Tower. Located in Arlington, Va. Use if needed for clarity.

Add location for clarity if story references other memorials with similar names. Also lowercase north tower and south tower.

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