Celebrities like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian have been following Harley Pasternak's 5-Factor Diet. Get an RD's take on the details of the plan. The 5 Factor Diet, a Hollywood sensation, is based on the number 5. With five meals a day and five types of exercise, can this diet add up to. The 5 Factor Diet, by Harley Pasternak, is a diet plan that encompasses both nutrition and exercise. The 5 Factor Diet hails from Hollywood, where the author.


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5 Factor Diet Review: Does it Work?

You may have even heard testimonials from 5 factor diet celebrities about this diet plan and wondered if his 5 Factor Diet could help you lose weight. The Principle Behind the Diet The 5 Factor Diet is an exercise and diet plan that bases all its components on the number 5.

There is no clear evidence that separating meals into 5 different meals a day is any more effective for appetite suppression than any other amounts. Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for 5 factor diet results.

The website Love To Know adds: The list of the highest rated top 10 diet 5 factor diet is featured in the link here.

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The overall quality of the foods does 5 factor diet healthy as lower calorie options are offered, but much more information is needed to make an informed decision on the 5 Factor Diet.

Web MD also adds: This is why some users say it was too time consuming. He believes that we can learn a lot by looking at the 5 factor diet structure of countries that have a better track record in regard to obesity and health statistics.

5 Factor Diet Reviewed

Stick to unsaturated fats like grapeseed, canola, or extra-virgin olive oil for cooking. You should be drinking 8 to 12 fluid ounces with every meal.


Choose sugar-free beverages like water, sugar-free soda, tea, coffee, or unsweetened energy drinks. The 5-Factor diet also advocates one "cheat day" a week to eat whatever you like. In addition, there's no need for supplements.

5 factor diet the name suggest the 5 Factor Diet is based around the number 5.

The 5 Factor Diet | Everyday Health

The foods recommended on 5 factor diet 5 Factor Diet is low glycemic, which means that they do not cause huge spikes in blood sugar after eating. Foods that are high glycemic e.

Even though the foods are simple, they are everything you need in a perfect diet.


The low-salt food along with exercise helps 5 factor diet keep your weight in check. And when you eat healthy, you are at less 5 factor diet of getting heart diseases or diabetes. Here are some pros and cons of the 5-factor diet plan: Pros One of the main advantages of the 5-factor diet is that it does not let you starve.

You get balanced meals 5 times a day that keeps your nutrients and energy level up.


You also get a day off from this diet.

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