Following the raid, Pakistan's Parliament impanelled a commission. . As the Abbottabad Commission's report illustrates, Pakistan faces. The Abbottabad Commission Report is a judicial inquiry paper authored and submitted by the Abbottabad Commission, led by Justice Javaid Iqbal, to the Prime  ‎Background · ‎Contents · ‎Classified status. The testimony of Major Amir Aziz was recorded on October 25, He was reluctant to appear before the Commission. But when.


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Ibrar and his wife lived on the ground floor. The source explained that the house was built so that the children of Ibrar could not see OBL. abbottabad commission report

Findings of Abbottabad Commission: How US reached Osama - Pakistan -

abbottabad commission report The commission has been told that OBL never had a phone line, an internet or cable connection either in Swat, Haripur or Abbottabad though a dish was used to watch Al Jazeera in more than one city that the families stayed in.

Dawn has learnt that the commission has pointed out the violations committed by the residents of the Abbottabad House which remained unchecked by the authorities at the local level. abbottabad commission report

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The presence of a CIA support network to help track down bin Laden without the Pakistani establishment's knowledge was "a case of nothing less than a abbottabad commission report and sustained dereliction of duty by the political, military and intelligence leadership of the country.

The whole episode of the U.


Despite American assurances that US forces would enter Pakistan if they thought they could capture Osama bin Laden, Pakistani air defences were set to a "peace time mode" when American abbottabad commission report crossed into Pakistani airspace, the report stated.

The News International, Archived from the original on 2 May Retrieved 27 June Khan, Sumera 3 May abbottabad commission report Abbottabad report remains out of sight". Report on bin Laden out, but not public".


Archived from the original on 2 January Newsdesk 23 October The commission had interviewed over witnesses and gave recommendations in a page report to the prime minister. In his statement recorded for the second time on January 9,Major Aziz highlighted his relationship with Lt Col retd Saeed Iqbal who visited him on occasions and showed interest in purchasing the land belonging to Aziz, which however could not be finalised.

Saeed Iqbal had a very costly vehicle Coach which was noise-controlled and he was planning to build a house for his wife in Bilal Town. Maj retd Aziz informed the Commission on this occasion that once Lt Abbottabad commission report Saeed Abbottabad commission report went on the rooftop of his house and took photographs of his pets but did not know whether photographs of OBL compound were also taken.

The car in the use of Col Saeed Iqbal was not only noise-controlled but bullet proof as well worth whereof must be crore rupees which a retired Colonel cannot afford by any stretch of imagination.

He was also having the latest Digital Camera which cannot be for the purpose of taking photographs abbottabad commission report pets only.

Make Abbottabad commission report public: Justice Javed Iqbal | Pakistan Today

There was a gap of more than 30 minutes between the crash, or controlled landing of the unbalanced Black Hawk helicopter, and its deliberate destruction by the departing US raiders. But he saw apparently the abbottabad commission report landing, circling and unloading soldiers on to the house, abbottabad commission report his Commanding Officer Brig Shuja of what he had witnessed.


That would have been almost half an hour before the destruction of the helicopter. Abbottabad commission report suggested the possibility that if the Brigadier had passed on the information, the QRF and other cantonment security forces might have been able to reach the site earlier and encountered the Navy SEALs before they departed.

Abbottabad Commission

While Major Aziz was a neighbour and a soldier, Constable Nazar Mohammad abbottabad commission report at some distance from the house. Major Aziz also suggested there was a gun battle for some minutes.

But this is not the general view.

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