All about Aetius: Attila's nemesis by Ian Hughes. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Ian Hughes starts his foreword with the quote: “Historians of the fourth and fifth centuries have a particularly difficult life. Those used to the. Get this from a library! Aetius: Attila's nemesis. [Ian Hughes, (Historian)].


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Aetius adopted him as his own son and sent him from Rome, where he had been an ambassador, to the Frankish court with many presents.

Flavius Aetius

Battle of the Catalaunian Plains The possible path of the Hun forces in their invasion of Gaul, leading up to the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains Before Aetius had signed aetius attila nemesis agreement with the Hunsallowing some of them to settle in Pannoniaalong the Sava River ; he also sent to Attilathe king of the Huns, a man called Constantius as a secretary.

InAttila was angry for an alleged theft of a golden plate, and Aetius sent him an embassy under Romulus to calm him; Attila sent him as a present a dwarf, Zercowhom Aetius gave back to his original owner, Aspar. Aetius, with the help of the influential Aetius attila nemesis senator Avitusconvinced the Visigoths of king Theodoric I to join him against the external menace; he also succeeded in persuading Sambida who is falsely accused as having been planning to join the Hunsthe Armoricans, the Salian Franks, some of the Saxons, and the Burgundians of Sapaudia to join his forces.

Then the joint Roman and Visigothic army moved to relieve the besieged city of Aurelianum, forcing the Huns to abandon the siege and retreat to open country. Instead, he chose to garrison Aquileia against Attila's onslaught.

Valentinian III fled from the court at Ravenna to Rome; Aetius remained in the field but lacked the strength to offer battle, instead positioning his army at Bononia to block the roads through the Apennines to Ravenna and Rome.

Attila finally halted at the Powhere he met an embassy including the prefect Trygetius, the ex- consul Gennadius Avienusand Pope Leo I.

After the meeting he turned his army back, having gained neither Honoria's hand nor the territories he desired. Ancient and medieval historians tended to give Pope Leo and supernatural forces credit for halting Attila, [52] [53] [54] but a number of practical factors may have also induced Attila to retreat: The Roman senator Petronius Maximus and the chamberlain Heraclius were therefore able to enlist Valentinian in a plot to assassinate Aetius.

Flavius Aetius - Wikipedia

The ancient historian Priscus of Panium reports that on September 21,while Aetius was at court in Ravenna delivering aetius attila nemesis financial account, Valentinian suddenly leaped aetius attila nemesis his seat and declared that he would no longer be the victim of Aetius's drunken depravities.

He held Aetius responsible for the empire's troubles and accused him of trying to steal the empire from him. When Aetius attempted to defend himself from the charges, Valentinian drew his sword and together with Heraclius, struck Aetius on the head, killing him.


But know that you have cut off your right hand with your left. On March 16,Optila stabbed the emperor in the temple as aetius attila nemesis dismounted in the Campus Martius and prepared for a session of archery practice.

As the stunned emperor turned to see who had struck him, Optila finished aetius attila nemesis off with another thrust of his blade.

Aetius : Attila's nemesis

Meanwhile, Thraustila stepped forward and killed Heraclius. Most of the soldiers standing close by had been faithful followers of Aetius attila nemesis and none lifted a hand to save the emperor. Traditionally, historians also consider the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains as decisively important, crippling Attila by destroying his aura of invincibility.

One of his greatest achievements aetius attila nemesis the assembling of the coalition against Attila. On this Arther Ferrill says: Had he gained his objective, he would have been in a strong position to subdue the Visigoths in Aquitaine, but Aetius had put together a formidable coalition against the Hun.

The Roman leader had built a powerful alliance of Visigoths, Alans and Burgundians, uniting them with their traditional enemy, the Romans, for the defense of Gaul. Even though all parties to the protection of the Western Roman Empire had a common hatred of the Huns, it was still a remarkable achievement on Aetius' part to have drawn them into an effective military relationship.

Bury viewed Aetius as a great military commander, and giant figure of history, he did not consider that the battle itself was particularly decisive.

Bury suggests that the German victory over the Huns at aetius attila nemesis Battle of Nedaothree years later, was more important. Anyone knowing the time period, knew this was an error, but others might be confused.

Aetius: Attila's Nemesis - Academia - Ancient Roman Empire Forums

This book was supposed to come out in April and arrived in July. Possibly some delays in production led to shortcuts, but that's just speculation!

Thanks to them we finally have English-Language biographies of Aetius and Stilicho as well as a new work on Belisarius. Aetius attila nemesis appears to be working on yet another volume covering Valentinian and Valens. I first read of Aetius and the battle of Chalons as a aetius attila nemesis and my interest in the topic never waned.

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