Alan Glynn My first novel, The Dark Fields, was published in and was later filmed as Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Winterland was. A high-finance thriller about a wonder street-drug that turns people into supercomputers, this debut from Dublin-based Glynn glitters with a. The Dark Fields is a techno-thriller novel by Irish writer Alan Glynn. It was re-released in March under the title Limitless, in order to coincide with its  Pages‎: ‎ pp.


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I noticed their clothes, heard snatches of their conversations, caught glimpses of their faces.

I was picking up on everything, but not in any heightened, druggy way. Meeting and impressing a total stranger, assuming a new identity, even a new name, was exciting and uncomplicated, but when I met up with someone like Dean, for instance, I always got these looks — these quizzical, probing looks.

I took a few notes, but when I heard the alan glynn the dark fields I realized that in a general way I did understand these terms, and that furthermore, just by thinking about this stuff, a large store of alan glynn the dark fields was being unlocked in my brain, knowledge that I had probably accumulated unconsciously over the years.

The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn

Alan glynn the dark fields tried to analyse what this was, and could only conclude that maybe a combination of my being enthusiastic and non-judgemental — noncompetitive — might have struck some kind of a chord in people, especially in people who were stressed out and on their guard all the time.

Understanding how business works. Under standing when a company is overvalued, or undervalued. But when he's implicated in the brutal murder of a high-profile alan glynn the dark fields wife and also linked to pharmaceutical espionage, his perfect new world unravels and the shocking truth about MDT's origin and purpose is revealed.

My agent sent it out to quite a few places, and pretty quickly we got expressions of interest from Tribeca and from Scott Rudin. And then from Miramax.


It was the first step on a long journey. Did you write the book with a movie in mind? As it turned out, the book was very Hollywood-friendly, alan glynn the dark fields could be pitched in four words: My subsequent two books, although similar in style and pacing, are much harder to pitch—at least in shorthand movie terms.

Viagra for the brain. So if you do want your book to be a movie—better in your opinion to prepare a book and alan glynn the dark fields screenplay, rather than trying to make the book fit into some kind of Hollywood mold? Novel writing is a massively complex, organic process that has to be allowed to breathe and transform itself as it goes along.


If you want to write a movie, write a movie. Having said that, there could be a new synergistic paradigm out there, where book and movie are developed in tandem. That paradigm is where I live and breathe.

But I did come up with an even shorter pitch, three words: Alan glynn the dark fields you say what the option was like—was it one of those legendary one-dollar options, or was it something that actually paid some bills?

The Dark Fields

And with option renewals every eighteen months or so for the following few years, it went on paying bills. Smaller ones, but bills are bills.

Can you say what the original book deal was like? Today, that would actually be pretty good for a first novel.

The Dark Fields: Alan Glynn: : Books

But back then big advances were more common, and I had higher expectations. But big advances can also be very dangerous, so it worked out well for me.


TESL—teaching English as a second language? Yes, which I did in Italy for five years and then back in my home town of Dublin for another seven. You say that big advances can be dangerous.

Most writers hope for those—so what are the dangers? But they can bring enormous pressures, too. It can mean no one will alan glynn the dark fields near your next book. And if the advance is for two books, the second book can suffer from the poor performance of the first, in terms of how much the publisher gets behind it.

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