Abstract: Antim's Didahii have always been a great topic of debate but very often the discussion has remained at a general level. Our approach aims to reveal a. Antim, Ivireanul, Metropolitan of Wallachia, approximately National . Didahiile t̡inute in mitropolia din Bucures̡iĭ publicate după manuscrisul. At the beginning of the 18th century, Romanian Metropolitan Antim Ivireanul created, through his Didahii (Sermons), a genuine “theology of sin.


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At the beginning of the yearsome Gypsies belonging to this monastery mustered their courage and complained to father Climent probably a bishop and then higher up, to his Holiness the Metropolitan, alleging that Abbot Ignat lived with a young slave woman, Gherghina, and also committed other abuses.

The boyar would not have infringed any rule, be antim ivireanu didahii legal or moral.

Anthimus of Iberia | Facts & Biography |

An unwritten law which dates back to the Greek-Roman Antiquity. Even more, the actions of the abbot ran counter to the rules of monastic asceticism.


In keeping with their own antim ivireanu didahii, the ecclesiastical authorities were compelled to intervene, be it only to appease public opinion. Especially as they were accused of sending over the complaint.

The fear of the authorities was a typical behavioural attitude for the traditional Romanian society.

Antim ivireanu didahii pdf files

That psycho-social illness has tenaciously survived to date. For the collective mind, nothing good could come from the authorities. Be they administrative or ecclesiastical, central or local, police or financial, the authorities in the Romanian space have been high-handed, corrupt, abusive and punitive over the centuries.

As such, the Romas under investigation at the Butoiu Monastery in shrugged in fear, insisting they knew nothing: The only culprits were the elderly Gypsies from the settlement. Exactly ten years antim ivireanu didahii, in Februarythings repeated at the same Butunoiu Monastery.

Antim ivireanu didahii, the latter were the only culprits and they were sentenced to have their soles flogged. He wrote about sodomy, fornication, pedophilia, etc.: True, he was a boyar who had travelled across Europe.

Antim el Ibérico

Homosexuality and pedophilia are still big problems among priests and monks today, especially among the Catholic, problems that the Pope himself is at a loss to antim ivireanu didahii. Coming back to the illicit erotic relations between the Orthodox abbots and the slaves in the monasteries, we must say that homosexual, even pedophilic relations have been attested.

Obviously, the latter did not antim ivireanu didahii unpunished by the church authorities.

Not only were the jails for priests — as we have seen above — special, but so were their punishments. The punished priest was forced to hold that weight in his arms for four antim ivireanu didahii five hours.

As the folk saying goes: Or, at any rate, perhaps they did not push the liberation per se of the slaves from the monastic settlements in Moldova and in Wallachia to happen around one decade before the liberation of the Gypsies antim ivireanu didahii by boyars in Moldova and in Wallachia.

Antim Ivireanul, Metropolitan of Wallachia approximately 1650-1716

The nuns and abbesses from the Catholic convents were also subject to those types of sins. Onete, Vest Publishing House, Timisoara,p.


Piru, Minerva Publishing House, Bucharest,p. A similar saying is also attested by Dinicu Golescu, in Romanian Cultural Institute,p. English translation by Corneliu M. File antim ivireanu didahii apocalips sec.

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