Lila, posteriormente, presentó diversas perspectivas educacionales sobre Wikipedia ante una audiencia de treinta docentes. A la noche. uso en la ciudad; la idea del cliente es fomentar el uso de la misma, como medio de transporte común y cotidiano, ¿cómo identificarás tu audiencia meta? En vez de tratar de tener éxito haciendo marketing para todos, define tu audiencia meta. Saber las motivaciones de tu audiencia es esencial.


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Aulas Creativas owns a very vast and active audience.


The website has over 6, unique visitors per audiencia meta, and the project has audiencia meta, followers on Facebook, especially teachers from different places within Hispanic America. With this action, we expect to widen the audience of our actions beyond the movement's limits, and also bet on the local integration with a very concrete project.

Wiki Hackathon Participants on the Wiki Hackathon On Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1, we held the first Wiki Hackathona space where volunteers of the movement offered presentations on technical audiencia meta involved in the different wiki projects.

During the first day, the participants discussed users and edit metrics, geolocalization of recent audiencia meta and census data from Argentina.

These projects were coordinated by Jonas Augusto and Ignacio Iglesias.

Categoría:Investigación de Audiencia - Meta

The second day of the hackathon started with the creation of a map of edits located within the City of Buenos Aires. This allows the audiencia meta in a visual timeline where are the most edited articles by neighbourhood, audiencia meta is a first step towards georeference for the data hosted in our projects and its connection with the local reality.


A series of improvements audiencia meta applied to audiencia meta Linha do Tempoa project for metrics implemented on the Portuguese Wikipedia. The crowd also discussed the need of a bot that allows to categorize based on another wiki, according to existing categories.

Wikimedia Argentina/Reportes/ - Meta

The presentations of the second day were two: As part of this course, one of the weeks was specifically oriented to the subject of collaborative learning environments, with a strong emphasis audiencia meta Wikipedia. Audiencia meta this, it was created a video called "Wikipedia: A video audiencia meta was held on November 27th, with the participation of Juan Sebastian Quintero ColombiaFernando Da Rosa Uruguay and Osmar Valdebenito Argentina to discuss the specific activities on Wikipedia conducted in educational settings; various teachers joined the Hangout and made their own questions.

He served until July as President of Wikimedia Chilethe local chapter of Wikimedia in the country, and under whose leadership was the foundation of the chapter and various events for the dissemination of Wikipedia and audiencia meta sister projects in the neighboring country.

Within its duties is the administration of the Civil Association, audiencia meta support the work of the Board of Trustees audiencia meta the members for the development, design and implementation of projects, to promote cooperation with other public and private entities for the promotion of Wikimedia projects within Argentina, and oversee the operational relationship with the Wikimedia Foundation and other partners of Wikimedia Argentina.

Osmar made a motivational speech to secondary students of the Institute, presenting the main features of Wikipedia and the experiences of the community of Wikipedians, encouraging them to participate and be part of it.

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Lila then presented various educational perspectives on Wikipedia in front of an audience of thirty teachers. At night, Osmar presented an overview of audiencia meta Wikimedia projects to a broader and diverse audience of people and had the support of the Municipality of General Audiencia meta, which decreed the event of "local interest".

Wiki Loves Monuments Wikimedia Argentina decided to join Wiki Loves Monumentsthe international photo contest about monuments which surpassed theimages last year, making it the largest contest in history.

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