Girl Alone by Cathy Glass. Thanks to LoveReading & Harper Element, I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review . When Joss. This is the true story of Joss, 13 who is angry and out of control. At the age of nine, Joss finds her father's dead body. He has committed suicide. Then h. Girl Alone has ratings and 79 reviews. sue said: I have read Cathy Glass books since, well, it seems, forever. And each time she writes a heart t.


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Now Joss is now a thirteen year old very troubled, angry and out of control teenager when she arrives to her third foster carer, Cathy Glass, in as many months.

Cathy is highly experienced in this field and been fostering for over 25 years and has cared for more than children and is asked to look cathy glass girl alone Joss but she knows this is going to be quite challenging. Joss's attitude towards Cathy and her and her 3 children is horrible.


She won't let anyone get close to her, she believes that she's invincible and can take care of herself, places cathy glass girl alone in great danger on numerous occasions. She drinks alcohol, smokes cannabis, steals, goes missing and gets into trouble with the police and at school but time is running out for Joss, as she will be moved to a secure unit.

Unfortunately she did not bring this.

Girl Alone by Cathy Glass

Cathy and Jill, often commented deeply frustrated, that they wondered whether she had any realistic perspective on working cathy glass girl alone childreen or teenagers. She seemed of the oppinion that Joss should agree to everything before it happens.

And basically not to be too firm with her, read not rock the boat, or things will get worse.


Basically her advice was tiptoe around Joss and beok with whatever she does. Then everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately they spent a frustrating meeting with Amelia doing the above.


So that the contract became almost laughable. Saying that Joss could be out til ten thirty all week except two random days.

Book Review: Girl Alone by Cathy Glass

So that did nothing. Then Cathy found out Joss was lying about where she was going and who with. That she was late for school almost every day.

Eventually Cathy tracked Joss down to a very ghetto apartment which was like drinking and drug city. cathy glass girl alone

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With a man in his forties supposedly ok with everything. There she found Joss with her friend and two older men. They were seventeen and she was only I would have screamed my head off at her by this point! Cathy sympathizes with Cathy glass girl alone.

Celeste Loves Books: Girl Alone by Cathy Glass

The little communication she and Joss have when she sees her little brother Keven is hostile and Linda is drained by it. Ian, Goodreads review I loved this book. I have every book that Cathy Glass has written.

I would highly recommend.

Girl Alone

Your book inspired me to further my education so that I can work with children. The tragedy is no fiction, but a true story.

A life-affirming read…that proves sometimes a little hope is all you need. Sadly, I see this happening so often where a woman would rather side cathy glass girl alone her new husband than with her child ren.

Not once did I blame Cathy for not realizing why Joss was really acting out.

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