This CD was recorded in time really flies! The complete recording can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and. Free download Jean-Pierre Rampal & Claude Bolling - Baroque and Blue # mp3 or listen online music. Suite For Flute And Jazz Piano Trio. Claude Bolling, Jean-Pierre Rampal. Mix - Baroque And BlueYouTube.


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Interesting an exception to the rule of Rampal following the natural rise and fall is between AA and BB. GG is where Rampal really shows off his musicality by being able to play p claude bolling baroque and blue the piano has the tune and this really adds to the true jazz group sound.

The only other notables are at OO where there is a real increase in volume in the piano left hand and Bass ostinato patterns.

Baroque and Blue (Claude Bolling Suite for flute and Jazz piano Trio).pdf - Free Download PDF

Both of these performers are very good at remaining in tune throughout the pieces. This is clear especially on notes like E natural in the third octave which are notorious among flautists for being out of tune.


Both artists are also very claude bolling baroque and blue tune with their respective ensembles and there are few if any occasions to state otherwise. Zucker has a very clear tone throughout the piece with no cracked notes at all — this is representative of the studio mix and the look for a perfect recording.

Baroque Jazz – Claude Bolling & Jean-Pierre Rampal

Bolling on the other hand wanted a more authentic claude bolling baroque and blue experience and went for one take recordings, and as a result in the second bar of KK, the tonal quality of Rampal drops with a slightly cracked note. However this is the only occasion in the recording, and rather than detracting from it, it adds to the authenticity and spontaneity of the recordings.

This is similar in recent years to computer generated sounds of guitars having recorded fret noises added to them to make them more believable.

When one looks at Zuckers previous recording history, it is not surprising that there is a fairly consistent vibrato running through the piece.

Claude Bolling - Baroque and Blue

This can be seen on the last note of D where there is a heavy vibrato played on the note. Interestingly, Rampal does the same in this occasion.

This is coupled with an emphasis on accents and articulation. The second colour can be found between U and W and between PP and the end and this is a much more spiky tone with a stronger vibrato throughout. In contrast Rampal has a bright tone throughout.

This is coupled with vibrato on accented and long notes in Baroque sections. Rampal has a wonderful clear tone which is fairly simple.

This could be for a number of reasons: There are a number of different articulation patterns in this piece. This consists of one staccato, followed by two slurred starting with an accent and then staccato.

Both closely adhere to this pattern throughout all Baroque sections and indeed the articulation is pretty claude bolling baroque and blue all the way through.

Claude Bolling - Baroque and Blue by Iwona Glinka | ReverbNation

Claude bolling baroque and blue poses a problem for every performer; with Bolling writing three repeated notes; a pattern which is impossible for most instruments. It is unclear whether Bolling made it clear to Rampal what he meant by claude bolling baroque and blue articulation pattern but both performers do different things with this section.

Zucker decides to articulate the repeated notes not by use of the tongue but rather by separating the air through contractions in the diaphragm muscles. On the other hand, Rampal tongues the three notes. During the Jazz Waltz N Zucker is accurate with the articulation even though there is a great variety in this section.

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