TransAtlantic is a novel by Colum McCann, published in June Based upon the book, Colum wrote the lyrics for Clannad's song "TransAtlantic", released  Pages‎: ‎ TransAtlantic: A Novel [Colum McCann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • LONGLISTED FOR THE. Reminiscent of the finest work of Michael Ondaatje and Michael Cunningham, TransAtlantic is Colum McCann's most penetrating novel yet.”—O: The Oprah.


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Here is the uncanny thing McCann finds again and again about column mccann transatlantic miraculous: The intricate connections [McCann] has crafted between the stories of his women and our men [seem] written in air, in water, and—given that his subject is the confluence of Irish and American history—in blood.

Reading McCann is a rare joy. Without ever leaving his focus on the personal lives of people, column mccann transatlantic limns the results of the struggle of his homeland to be its ownself.

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Webb took him out onto the verandah by the elbow column mccann transatlantic said: But Frederick, you cannot bite the hand that feeds. The stars collandered the Wexford night. He knew Webb was right.

The Weight of History: Colum McCann’s “TransAtlantic”

There would always be an alignment. There were so many sides to every horizon. He could only choose one.

No single mind could hold it all at once. Truth, justice, reality, contradiction. He had one cause only. Column mccann transatlantic must cleave to it.


He paced the verandah. A cold wind whipped off the water.

column mccann transatlantic The water, the recurring use column mccann transatlantic the water, the wind off the water, being in the water, all of it the Atlantic, all of it marking transformation and immersion in the moment of transformation for each character Its success seemed due in no small part to its subject matter: There is much to admire in Let the Great World Spin.

His ability to inhabit voices ranging from a Park Avenue housewife to a Bronx prostitute is truly impressive.

TransAtlantic by Colum McCann – review | Books | The Guardian

The parallactic effect of the column mccann transatlantic perspectives keeps the narrative fresh. In its eagerness to soothe the traumas of the past, the novel often veered dangerously close to bathos.

It is a work that displays lots of skill and ambition but little vision or delight, as if, in the midst of busily studying Vickers airplanes and the speeches of Frederick Douglass, McCann forgot why he set about writing column mccann transatlantic book in the first place.


column mccann transatlantic It leaps back and forth in time and touches the shores of Ireland, Newfoundland, and America. Colum McCann is a very gifted, charming writer; in column mccann transatlantic, rhapsodic-onrush mode, he is hard to resist. Pondering the vast gulf between the British and the Irish, Mitchell asks himself: The many people who loved his last novel will certainly enjoy this one.

And yet it is somehow less impressive than it ought to be.

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