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It also emphasizes that besides being an efficient means of international communication, Glosa offers advantages to general education.

It is communicator stampa ti amo auxiliary language and has no purpose of supplanting or replacing any other languages. Its purpose is only to be a common means of communication for people of different languages. Glosa has several distinguishing characteristics: Its structure is very simple and based on semantics.

It is an analytical language with no inflexions, genders, or diacritical marks. Glosa does have ways of forming plurals, tenses, questions, etc. A small number of words handle grammatical relationships not otherwise communicator stampa ti amo for.

Many Glosa words can serve as more than one part of speech as meaning and common sense allow. Glosa words are based on Latin and Greek roots common to the chief Euro-languages; via science, technology, and medicine, these words are penetrating all languages.

Although a larger vocabulary is communicator stampa ti amo, a base vocabulary of between and words handles most situations. Its pronunciation is simple and regular, and its spelling is phonetic. Above all, Glosa is neutral. Because it is no one's own language, it is available to everyone without jealousy or resentment over the dominance of any one or a few national languages.


Its use of Latin and Greek roots, many of which are already in widespread use, gives it internationality. Some rules Written Glosa uses the unaccented letter Latin alphabet. Pronounce vowels as in these English words: Communicator stampa ti amo consonants as in English except: Place stress gently on the vowel before the last consonant.

Colon precedes items of a list; Comma separates list items from each other; it also occurs after a vocative expression.

Glosa Basic Reference - designed language - world communication - dictionary

Semicolon separates principal and subordinate clauses; a clause is a group of words containing a finite verb. Hyphen joins words closely associated semantically. Word order for accurate, easy, and quick understanding should be: This order is preserved in Subordinate Clauses.

Nouns, names, idioms, help "U n " and "plu" serve primarily as nouns markers when the sense communicator stampa ti amo not otherwise clear.


They are not necessary but are permissible after a preposition. Use genus name for plants and communicator stampa ti amo. When possible, use local geographical names. Do not translate idioms literally word for word; express in clear, unidiomatic Glosa.

Glosa Mechanics sample statements u feli A cat, the cat plu feli; poli feli Cats; many cats tri feli Three cats u feli tri The third cat u-ci feli; u-la feli This cat; that cat plu-ci feli, plu-la feli These cats; those cats Fe communicator stampa ti amo ad urba.

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