Decision support tools can provide patient-specific assessments that support clinical decisions, improve prescribing practices, reduce medication errors, improve the delivery of primary as well as secondary prevention, and improve adherence to standards of care. A decision support system (DSS) is an information system that supports business or While academics have perceived DSS as a tool to support decision making process, DSS users see DSS as a tool to facilitate organizational processes.‎History · ‎Taxonomies · ‎Development frameworks · ‎Applications. See a list of over 50 decision support tools that can be used by senior managers to help them make the right strategic choices for their business.‎TQM Tools · ‎Decision Trees · ‎Quantitative Decision Making · ‎JIT Just-in-Time.


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DSS decision support tools may be classified as: Factors, numbers, and characteristics to analyze User knowledge and expertise: Inputs requiring manual analysis by the user Outputs: Transformed data from which DSS "decisions" are generated Decisions: Results generated by the DSS based on user criteria DSSs which perform selected cognitive decision-making functions and are based on artificial intelligence or intelligent agents technologies are called intelligent decision support systems IDSS [16] The nascent field of decision engineering treats the decision itself as an engineered object, and applies engineering principles decision support tools as design and quality assurance to an explicit representation of the elements that make up a decision.

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Applications[ edit ] DSS can theoretically be built in any knowledge domain. One example is the clinical decision support system for medical diagnosis.

There are four stages in the evolution of clinical decision support system CDSS: Executive dashboard and other business performance software allow faster decision making, identification of negative trends, and better allocation decision support tools business resources.

Due to DSS all the decision support tools from any organization is represented in the form of charts, graphs i. For example, one of the DSS applications is the management and development of complex anti-terrorism systems.

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Accordingly, care remains inconsistent, with unintentional adverse consequences. Decision support tools can provide patient-specific assessments that support clinical decisions, improve prescribing practices, reduce medication errors, improve the delivery of primary as well as secondary prevention, and decision support tools adherence to standards of care.

Principally, Decision support tools can facilitate dialogue and exchange of information thus providing insights to non-experts and support them in the exploration of policy options.

The type of decision support tools included defines the type of support provided and the area of application of a DSS i. Important features of a DSS interface should be its user friendliness meaning its simplicity, flexibility, and capability of presenting data and model output. Geographic Information Systems GIS play a significant role in Spatial Decision support systems SDSS in which they organise, present and compare data and information on a visualisation map; Web-Based DSS which are computerised systems that deliver decision support information to managers using a Web browser [2]Group Decision Support System GDSS are common computer tools or networks used to enable collaboration between people to solve complex decision making; DSS Classification See Power [3] model-driven Decision support tools emphasizes access to and manipulation of a statistical, financial, optimization, or simulation model.

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Model-driven DSS use data and parameters provided by users to assist decision makers in analyzing a situation; they are not necessarily decision support tools intensive. Practical application The database management system component allows the organisation, facilitates access to and the elaboration of time series of raw data.


The integration of different type of knowledge e. Criteria, objectives and constraints about the problem become more explicit through the decision support tools process of development and application of a decision support system.

The graphical features of a DSS support communication between stakeholders with different backgrounds.

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