Mukhtaran Bibi is a Pakistani woman from the village of Meerwala, in the rural tehsil (county) of Jatoi of the Muzaffargarh District of Pakistan. In June   Nationality‎: ‎Pakistani. Buy Deshonrada (Actualidad) Translation by Mukhtar Mai, Marie-Therese Cuny, Nuria Petit Fonsere (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Buy Deshonrada Translation by Mukhtar Mai (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.


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Rape incident[ edit ] Mai's year-old brother, Abdul Shakoor or Shakurwas abducted by three baloch Mastoi men.

Mukhtar Mai

He was taken to a sugar field where he was deshonrada mukhtar mai raped and sodomized repeatedly. When the boy refused to stay silent about the incident, he was kept imprisoned in the home of Abdul Khaliq, a Mastoi man.

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When police came to investigate, Shakoor was instead accused of having an affair with Khaliq's sister, Salma Naseen, who deshonrada mukhtar mai in her late 20s at the time. Shakoor was then arrested on charges of adultery but later released. In later trials, Shakoor's rapists were convicted of sodomy and sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.

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The Mastoi deshonrada mukhtar mai council jirga convened separately regarding Shakoor's alleged affair with Naseen. They concluded that Shakoor should marry Naseen while Mai a Gujar tribeswoman be married to a Mastoi man.

Villagers rejected this conclusion due to the belief that adultery must be punished with adultery. Mai was called to the council to apologize to the Mastoi tribe for her brother's actions.


When she arrived, she was dragged deshonrada mukhtar mai a nearby hut where she was gang raped in retaliation by 4 Mastoi men while an additional 10 people watched. Following the rape, she was paraded nude through the village.

By 3 July, the BBC had picked up on the story. Although Pakistan had claimed that Mukhtaran had decided on her own not to go to the U. Furthermore, the local police were pressing her to surrender her passport, coinciding with an invitation extended by an organization of Pakistani doctors in North America for Mukhtaran to attend deshonrada mukhtar mai moot being organized there that month to discuss the state of women and human rights in Pakistan.

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Mukhtaran deshonrada mukhtar mai that "I think the government does not want me to attend that moot. Contact with Mukhtaran could not be established to know the purpose of her visit to Lahore, because her cellular phone did not respond for hours.

She was led sobbing to detention at a secret location and barred from contacting anyone, including her lawyer.

Jahangir said Mukhtaran was in illegal custody. Kristof reported deshonrada mukhtar mai as Mai returned from the US embassy in Islamabad, after getting her passport stamped with a US visa, it was "confiscated" by Musharraf's government, they were claiming she was now free to travel to the U.

The ATC venue was ruled appropriate in this case because the Mastoi had intimidated and terrorized and continue to threaten Mukhtaran's clan and the people of the area. The court convicted six men four rapists and two of the village jurors and sentenced them to death on 1 September Eight other accused men were released.

Mukhtaran used the compensation money awarded by the Pakistani government as well as donations from around the world to build two local schools for girls.

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Another panel is led by Aitzaz Ahsana lawyer and politician belonging to the Pakistan Peoples Party[42] who has been representing Deshonrada mukhtar mai pro bono.

However, her rapists were found not guilty. Advocate Malik Muhammad Deshonrada mukhtar mai won this case against Mukhtaran and the accused were released.

However, the men were unable to come up with the money, and remained in jail while the prosecution appealed against their acquittal.

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