Jump to A. Eboulements de roches - C'est le Rawd Al-Qirtas qui livre un premier écho au sujet de mouvements de terrain notables associés à un séisme. Many translated example sentences containing "éboulements et glissements de terrain" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations. Dommages causés par des événements naturels - Crues, laves torrentielles, glissements de terrain, éboulements et chutes de pierres.


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Glissement de terrain

However, from a statistical point of view, this sandy-clay formation is highly prone to landslide, like the 'Sables de la Laussonne' formation Poiraud, Eboulement de terrain, the sandy-clay Quaternary formation is interlocked in the Tertiary illitic sediment, which eboulement de terrain totally impermeable.

This configuration provides a potential slip plane at the contact between the two formations. The location of the clusters of both the Borne and Laussonne sectors indicates the importance of fluvial axes.


These axes concentrate the Plio-Pleistocene uplift effect with eboulement de terrain high incision of the valley and high slope values Kieffer, ; Defive, These axes are the main control of dissection of both the basaltic plateau of Deves and the volcanic plateau of Velay and constitute incursions for erosion waves inside these plateaus.

The example of the Eboulement de terrain plateau is particularly remarkable Bacconnier, ; Eboulement de terrain, Typology of landslides 24The typology of landslides gives information about the processes and mechanisms of the rupture Varnes, ; Cruden and Varnes, ; Dikau et al.

The St-Vidal landslide is a large landslide along the Borne valley. The anti-scarps, rotated floating panels, reverse slopes and upslope dip of displaced sediments are evidence of the rotational movements that affect the basaltic columns of the plateau border.

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The downslope part of the landslide presents characteristic forms of flowage. This landslide is fossil with superficial reactivations that affect the reworked material from the initial landslide phases.


Concerning its dynamics, it is difficult to advance a firm hypothesis. The weathering difference between the downslope basaltic boulders and the upslope basaltic boulders could be evidence of successive rotational movements, with phases of retrogressive instability, but the morphologic profile of this landslide could assume the eboulement de terrain of a single rotational earthslide.

This distinction needs further investigation. Similar morphological cases have been studied in the basin of Puy-en-Velay as the Ceyssac landslide Bout, or in the Coiron Plateau, such as the Rochessauve landslide Masurel,but with eboulement de terrain clear definition of the type of landslide a slumping type is proposed by both authors.

The Collinabos landslide in Belgium Van-den-Eeckhaut et al.

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Researchers conclude this is a simple rotational earthslide with subsequent superficial deformation inside the landslide debris. The Monastier landslides eboulement de terrain a different morphology, i.

The rotational movement is subsequent to the clastic formation deposition and is considered as a local reactivation of the retrogressive dynamics scarp back-tilting.

This clastic deposition, with rare silt matrix and no bedding disposition, is considered as a periglacial rubble-slope Etlicher, ; Valadas, ; Etlicher, eboulement de terrain Bertran et al. This rubble-slope is contemporaneous with or subsequent to the reworked sedimentary-basaltic formation.

Les éboulements de terrain dans l'Est du Canada - Landslides in Eastern Canada

This last formation has a high seismic velocity and is disorganised. The authors conclude that there eboulement de terrain a prevalence of post-eruptive debris avalanches that affect the volcanic relief of Limagne or slow-moving landslides that incorporate the volcanic and sedimentary material.

Like for the St-Vidal landslide, we cannot draw any conclusion about the kinematics of these movements, but the typology of these landslides is similar to an earthflow or debris avalanche, i. Geomorphological significance of landslides 25Landslides cover a large area and represent a large part of the hillslopes in the Tertiary basin of Puy-en-Velay.

This proportion is greater inside catchments located on the right bank of the Loire Miocene plateau of Velay than catchments on the left eboulement de terrain Plio-Pleistocene plateau of Deves.

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We observe a clear correlation between the widening of valleys, the mean slope of catchment and the density of old landslides. All the hillslopes present symptoms eboulement de terrain landsliding. Old landslides are located only on particular sites.

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