The latest animal feed mill best practices from livestock feed manufacturers and See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in August. Get the latest feed industry stats for the total feed production in the U.S., economic impact of 5, animal feed mills; pet food manufacturing facilities. The Feed mill industry is involved in the formulation and production of different varieties of livestock feeds and these include the chick mash, grower mash.


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While feed formulation is the process of measuring the quantity of feed ingredients that need to be feed mill industry together, to form a single uniform mixture diet that supplies all of poultry nutrient requirements.

The definition shows what is involved in formulating feeds but it goes beyond that.


It entails getting the materials needed available and formulating the feed to give the adequate nutrient for optimum yield and also at a reasonable cost.

Every investors into business are expecting return and will be happy to have it high, that is why the decision maker needs to make best use of the available ways of getting this done. Feed mill industry has made it very difficult to have a proper projection of what the turnover of the poultry farmer could be, because of the feed mill industry in the market as a result of the high cost of feeds for the birds.

This implies that efforts to increase poultry industry productivity should be directed towards improving feed formulation system.

Feed manufacturing - Wikipedia

Recently, there was a serious challenge in getting soya beans meal which is the major source of protein for the animals. In the previous years it has been maize and wheat offal which is always scarce in certain period of the year but this year proves to be another challenge.

This is feed mill industry a signal that decision makers must rise up to challenges of getting an optimum mix of feed mill industry at a lesser cost and an optimum feed mill industry yield. This will help to increase the profits and sustain their poultry farming business.

The Person Square Method is a simple, well established and popular method of determining the correct proportions of two feed ingredients necessary to obtain a desired level of a particular nutrient. The method is most often used for protein.

The method permits substitution of feed ingredients without disturbing the desired protein content of the diet. It is also used for some other nutrients like amino acids.

Linear programming is the common method of Least Cost Feed Formulation which compares the nutrients required by feed mill industry animal to the nutrients supplied by the available feed ingredients, and combines them to obtain a balanced diet at the least possible cost feed mill industry 5 ].

Other quantitative techniques include genetic algorithm [ 6 ]. Multi-criteria modeling [ 7 ] and Goal programming [ 8 ].

Feed manufacturing

However Trial and Error method is the most popular method of formulating rations for poultry in Nigeria. As the name implies, the formulation is manipulated until the nutrient requirements feed mill industry the birds is arrived at.

A strict compliance to an established feed budget is a critical step to the assurance of each diet being used in its proper amount.


Over-feeding a budget unnecessarily increases the feed cost, while underfeeding reduces the performance of the animal. Either of these two cases over-formulation or under-formulation reduces the overall productivity of the feed milling operation. Since productivity is a key factor in every feed mill industry enterprise there feed mill industry therefore a need to address how feed production and formulation affects the overall productivity of the feed milling operation in managing feed resources in such a way that will reduce the cost and higher profit.

This study tend to address how feed formulation affects the productivity of feed milling business and the use of mathematical programming to bring about an optimal solution that is both economical and brings out the best energy yield.

This research work then seeks to apply mathematical optimization techniques to the feed formulation problem of the typical Nigerian poultry farm using locally available feed ingredients. Literature Review Poultry feeds Feed is a feed mill industry, which after ingestion by the animal is capable of being digested, absorbed and utilized i.

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A feed is merely the carrier of nutrients.

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