A great first impression starts with a great resume. We've gathered our nine favorite resume formats to help you succeed in your job search. Best Resume Format Examples. Chronological Resume. Our Traditional Elegance resume template is an excellent choice when applying to companies with a more conservative ethos. Functional Resume. Combination Resume. Two-Page Resume. Creative Resume. Modern Resume. Clean Resume. Infographic Resume. Here are the three most common resume formats that recruiters expect to see. Reverse chronological resume format. This is the bread and butter choice for most job seekers. Functional Resume Format. This resume format has also been called a skills-based resume format. Combination Resume Format.


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The fact is, the web is filled with so many fantastic and creative template designs that there is good resume formats something for you out there. Two-Page Resume The Button-Down two-page resume template is an update on a classic resume as it includes clean lines and bullet points to highlight your skills and experience.

Free Downloadable Resume Templates

Mid-career and above professionals seeking executive management positions will good resume formats that it provides ample space to detail their work history, skills, accomplishments, and education. While two-page resumes are acceptable by many standards, do not convince yourself that this length is what you need in order to land your dream job.

The hallmark of a great resume is impactful writing that is clear and concise. Excessive verbiage or bloating your resume to make it fill two pages can backfire. good resume formats

Resume Formats: Pick the Best One in 3 Steps (Examples & Templates)

This good resume formats two-page resume layout features an updated, personalized look. The Button-Down is a perfect choice when applying for upper level positions with titles like Manager, Director, Professor, or CEO within established organizations.


And this professional two-page resume template is sure to please hiring committees and executive recruiters. Creative Resume When personal computing was good resume formats fairly new, many people went overboard when designing and formatting their resumes.

Today, flowery borders, watermarked dollar signs, scented paper, unnecessary graphics, a rainbow of colors, and annoying fonts will not get you an invitation to interview. But please, leave the designing to the professionals, and good resume formats one of our artistically inspired resume templates like What A Doll.

This creative resume template is an attention grabber, and one of our top 10 resume templates of all time. Unlike good resume formats reverse chronological resume, the functional resume ignores when and where the candidate learned or performed those skills.

Resume Formats Guide: How to Pick the Best in 2018

Instead, it simply lists them at the top of the good resume formats in order of most relevant to least relevant skills. Many human resources professionals have negative impressions of functional resumes precisely because they do not reveal chronological information, making it seem like the candidate is hiding something.

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Resume template and content from ResumeGenius. It is very important to include all of your contact information at the top of your good resume formats. Not only will potential employers use it to contact you for an interview, but also good resume formats ATS, since recruiters can search applicants by their location.

Include your email address appropriate names only! A summary statement is not required on a resume, but it can be useful.

Top 10 Best Resume Templates Ever - Free for Microsoft Word

A summary statement is different than an good resume formats statement in that it describes your value in the job market based on your skills and accomplishments. An objective good resume formats describes what you hope to learn and achieve.

Listing your objective is only recommended in combination with your summary statement if you are transitioning into a new field.


A summary statement is your opportunity to explain your strongest accomplishments and assets right at the top of our resume. Here are a few examples of summary statements: Experienced sales professional with 5 years experience.

Proven skills of exceeding good resume formats sales goals for the past 3 years. Also skilled in marketing and negotiation.

9 Best Resume Formats of | LiveCareer

The combination resume format is great if you have plenty of skills and experience you can draw from when creating your resume. It will allow you to highlight a mix of both, but you will need to be strategic about where good resume formats how to list information.

Also, if you are switching careers, this format will let you play up skills you have that are good resume formats in the industry where you wish to work.

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