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Social justice and criminal justice do not exist on separate planes. Rather, every day I saw how generational lack of access to educational and economic opportunity converge, no, actually collide, with our criminal justice system.

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And as a society, we compound that when we fail to ensure that the thousands of individuals being released every day from prisons all across this country have the basic tools they need to have a fighting chance at being successful when they leave prison. Everyone should have the opportunity to rise above his or her worst moment.

You never know when a situation will present itself in which you will have to great speeches by great lawyers who you great speeches by great lawyers and what you stand for. So how do you prepare for that?

You want to be prepared.


I had such an experience recently with the travel ban. It was supposed to be an uneventful time.

Sally Yates to Harvard Law School Graduates: 'Be Bold. Take a Risk'

We had agreed with the incoming team that, while I was Acting AG, things would stay as they were. No positions of the Justice Department would change during my tenure.

Everything was to stay status quo. I was in the car on my way to the airport to go home to Atlanta for the weekend late in the afternoon of Friday, January 27 when I learned, from media reports, that the President had signed an executive order restricting travel from seven Muslim majority countries.

This was the first we had even heard of it, but within a matter of hours, we were going to great speeches by great lawyers to send DOJ lawyers in to courts across the country to defend the executive order, and on Monday, Great speeches by great lawyers learned that we had to take a position on the constitutionality of the order.

This was not what I was expecting.

Sally Yates: Read Her Speech to the Graduates of Harvard Law | Time

But it turned out there was no time for lunches at all, boozy or otherwise. And I appreciate that people of good will have different views on the legality of the order as well as what I should have done in this scenario.

After reviewing the legal challenges, reading cases, and conferring with the department great speeches by great lawyers, I came to the conclusion that defending the constitutionality of the travel ban would require the Department of Justice to argue that the executive order had nothing to do with religion — that it was not intended to disfavor Muslims, despite numerous prior statements by the President and his surrogates regarding his intent to effectuate a Muslim ban.

I believed that this would require us to advance a pretext — a defense not grounded in truth, so I directed the DOJ not to defend the executive order.

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I understand that some believe that I should have just resigned rather than direct the department not to defend the order. Indeed, I grappled with that very question over the weekend and during the day on Monday.

But I believed then, and believe now, that while resigning would have protected my personal integrity, great speeches by great lawyers would not have protected the integrity of the Department of Justice.

Great speeches by great lawyers : a collection of arguments and speeches before courts and juries

It was about the great speeches by great lawyers founding principle of religious freedom. And I could not in good conscience send DOJ lawyers into court to advance the argument that the travel ban was unrelated to religion when the evidence of its intent reflected that this was not the case.

That decision was the result of what others had taught me over my entire 27 years with the Justice Department. The compass that is inside all of us, that compass that guides us in times of challenge, is being built every day with every experience.

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