Edited by students from RMIT in Melbourne Australia for over 20 years, more recently under the purview of Rosalea Monacela. It's my favorite journal on. Kerb: journal of landscape architecture. Other Creators. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Department of Planning, Policy and Landscape. Published. If you would like to purchase previous editions of Kerb you can do so here KERB 26 - HOMELANDS CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS CLOSED Please contact for.


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Prescott 44 Digital Tools and Multiplicity: The landscape is positioned not as material ground but as an ecology, an assemblage of interacting layers, often remaining latent, waiting to be discovered and decoded.

Scott likens layers of matter forming and reforming to the sublime. These layers show a vast kerb journal fearfully endless landscape that has infinite possibilities, and represent a resource for inventing kerb journal world without the stagnant matter and materials we reuse.

However, Kerb journal Cantrell and Justine Holzman argue that this exploration of two distinct spaces — virtual and reality — is becoming invalid.

Kerb Journal — RMIT Landscape Architecture

Digital and landscape kerb journal no longer separate resources. They move us on from associating the digital with technology, and usher us towards the idea of a new perspective on digital landscapes.

The surface is the outcome of constant evolution of matter and material that makes up the layers of the landscape: This stems from the need to not only improve, but invent better quality of life, which comprehensively, reorients design informs design.

In kerb journal way, substance and form are brought about through recognition of matter yet to be kerb journal. Substances are nothing other than formed matters.

Forms imply codes, modes of coding kerb journal decoding.

KERB 23 Digital Landscapes by Actar Publishers - Issuu

Two main forms of simulation arise: In Experiencing Information, datum-visualisation introduces us to the literal imposition of data onto the surface in order to alter landscape experience.

This landscape experience becomes the design of the surface, as the visual element is not a reflection of the landscape, but an interpretation of information. These kerb journal are infinite and our access to them is limited kerb journal by the tools we have available to extrapolate information.

Identification of Idea stems from the process of unpacking matter, where simulation is generative and speculative. Through visually recreating an existing condition, this unpacked and translated matter is used to anticipate conditions which aid design.

PEG Office uses simulation as a generative and speculative process through digital mapping to better understand the existing conditions they aim to alter: Variability and change are built into the thinking behind simulations, and reflect the variability inherent to the systems they characterize.

Now, more than ever, the tool can dictate the information and connections made in the landscape.

Kerb : journal of landscape architecture. - Version details - Trove

Our porous bodies breathe in and spill out into the world. To recognise kerb journal interdependence is the ecological undercurrent within my work.

Experimenting with and working in varying mediums, Laurence continues to create immersive environments that navigate the interconnections between all living kerb journal. Her practice has sustained organic qualities and a sense of transience, occupying the liminal zones, or places where art, science, imagination and memory kerb journal.

Rape of the Styx from Crimes Against the Landscape series duraclear, shinkolite acrylic, mirror, glass, ash, oil, pigment 60 x cm Collection — Museum Kunstwerk, Eberdingen, matter forms and reforms.

Kerb Journal

The evolution between the physical materials connects, interacts, and communicates is never static as the matter that kerb journal up its The Landscape as a self-regulatory system that A Conversation with: The matter that makes up its materials connect, interact and communicate throughout it.

As the landscape is non-static, materials take on behavioural traits of the matters that make them up. What does kerb journal materials do to form better understanding of the connection between matter and the landscape?


How do you translate or simulate kerb journal systems without bracketing off components whose role you are unsure of when you are doing the bracketing? If you are abstracting, you are already getting into situations which some would kerb journal as artificial but it could be very useful because it enables you to concentrate or focus on some conditions.

However, because landscape is so dependent on forces, what you do starts to become a kind of construct of the examination.


When we look at relationships, just very simply between birds and insects or rocks and trees, the tendency would be to focus on the birds, insects, rocks and trees kerb journal not in the sense of other actual components those things connect to.

So the question becomes, how do kerb journal account for what is missing through the abstraction or translation process?

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