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Sources indicate that the PGR is the entity responsible for administering the witness protection program Mexico a, Art. According to Moloeznik, problems with the witness protection program include the lack of financial resources and public mistrust in the PGR, which prevents potential witnesses from testifying 29 June Milenio quotes Rodolfo de la Guardia, the former director of Interpol-Mexico, who was incarcerated under false evidence ley federal antisecuestro collusion with narcotrafficking, as saying that the witness protection program started out as an [translation] "investigation tool," which was later used by members of organized criminal groups to benefit them by providing information that was ultimately not upheld in court 14 Apr.

Similarly, El Universal quotes a criminal lawyer as indicating that the witness protection program [translation] "is useful, but in Mexico the program is not properly used as there should be an analysis to determine that the information being provided by the member of the organized criminal organization who is being protected in the program is actually true" El Universal 5 Oct.

El Universal quotes a representative from the PGR as saying that there are no time limits for the duration of the protection of a witness as "it all depends on the witness himself or when there is a change in the circumstances that were used to evaluate the risk in the first place" ibid.

In OctoberLa Jornada, a Mexico City-based newspaper, reports that, according to the PGR, [translation] "55 witnesses were withdrawn from the witness protection program for reasons ranging from the end of judicial proceedings to ley federal antisecuestro death of the witness" La Jornada 6 Oct.

The same source reports that the PGR indicated that 66 witnesses were being protected in53 in40 inand 11 in ibid. The Mexican Ministry of the Interior is the entity responsible for administering the protection program for human rights defenders and journalists ibid.

President Felipe Calderón proposes an Anti-kidnapping Law

A report by the Ministry of the Interior on the protection program for human rights defenders and journalists indicates that in97 out of applications for protection received were approved Mexico 30 June3. The same source indicates that between January and June85 out of 97 applications for protection were approved, and that as of June59 journalists and 58 human ley federal antisecuestro defenders were receiving protection ibid.

Sources indicate that the [translation] "panic buttons," one of the protection tools assigned to persons being protected, "do ley federal antisecuestro work" El Universal 24 Jan.


An article published in El Sol de Mexico, a Mexico City-based newspaper, on the protection mechanism, indicates that panic buttons, which consist of a satellite signal mechanism, lose the signal and have to be reinitiated every time the battery is charged, at which point the button loses the signal again ibid.

Corroborating and additional information on these protection measures could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible ley federal antisecuestro currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints.

Increase penal severity for public servants, from any public security institute, that participate in the kidnapping of ley federal antisecuestro minor or elderly individual of Penalize cover ups with more severity. Yet, he clarified that it has been a very long time since a proposal arriving from the Executive office ley federal antisecuestro been approved automatically, that they are discussed, evaluated, and revised with exhaustion.

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Ley federal antisecuestro

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