Anatomia do periodonto enviado para a disciplina de E.i IV - Anatomia, Histologia e Fisiologia Oral Categoria: Aulas - Ligamento periodontal. la Histología, la Embriología y la Ingeniería tisular en el contexto general de .. por medio del ligamento periodontal (tejido conectivo fibrilar) (Fig. 9). Aunque. Aos professores da área de Histologia do Departamento de Morfologia da FOP em esmalte, dentina e ligamento periodontal, este se torna um excelente.


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Also the phosphoryn content of root dentin is less by almost half in bovine teeth than that of coronal dentin, and its degree of mineralization is slightly less. The ligamento periodontal histologia of deposition of root dentin is slower, and in rat molars large interodontoblastic collagen bundles arising from the papillae contribute to the organic matrix of root dentin.

How ligamento periodontal histologia movement takes place has not been studied.

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Whatever the situation, the cell, as ligamento periodontal histologia migrates, leaves behind a process that comes to occupy a tubule within the mineralized dentin. There is an explanation for this configuration: Such tracks result from ligamento periodontal histologia oscillations of odontoblasts dictated by their crowding as the surface area they occupy decreases during their centripetal movement.

This explanation has been tested by a simple model. The outline of the amelo- dentinal dentinoenamel junction in longitudinal section is traced on smoked paper.


Beads, representing the odontoblasts, are aligned along the periphery of the drawing and then pushed centripetally following the successive forming fronts of dentin. As they are pushed, ligamento periodontal histologia leave behind a record of their movement in the smoked paper that mimics these curvatures of the dentinal tubule in coronal dentin.

There is also evidence that some odontoblasts are selectively deleted by apoptosis as they become crowded. In root dentin formation, where there is no decrease in surface area, the tubules run ligamento periodontal histologia straight course.

At one time it was firmly believed that there was a dual origin for dentin matrix collagen, with mantle dentin collagen formed by the activity of cells in the subodontoblast layer ligamento periodontal histologia circumpulpal dentin collagen formed as a result of odontoblast activity.

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In studies of sections stained with silver once thought to stain only immature collagen this has certainly seemed to be the case because such sections generally show what appear to be ligamento periodontal histologia collagen fiber bundles arising from the subodontoblast layer and passing spirally between the odontoblasts to fan out against the surface of the basal lamina in the internal dental epithelium and form the fibrillar component of ligamento periodontal histologia dentin.

When such sections are processed for electron microscopic examination, however, no large collagen fiber bundles can be identified between the newly differentiated odontoblasts.

Instead, small particles of silver in an ligamento periodontal histologia extracellular compartment are seen. If similar sections are pretreated with acetic anhydride which blocks reducing sugarsthis silver staining is abolished; the silver is captured by reducing sugars in the ground substance.

Thus it is the extensive extracellular compartment between newly differentiated odontoblasts that captures the silver stain, with the result that when viewed by light microscopy a negative outline of the odontoblasts appears and simulates the outline of fibers.

As odontoblasts hypertrophy, they become more closely packed together, develop junctions, and eliminate most of the extracellular compartment between them. Hence there can ligamento periodontal histologia longer be capture of silver and therefore no von Korff fibers.

Although this explanation is true for the seeming appearance of interodontoblastic fiber ligamento periodontal histologia contributing to the formation ligamento periodontal histologia mantle dentin in the crown the electron microscope has consistently failed to show large collagen fiber bundles between odontoblasts in this situationit is now recognized that intraodontoblastic fiber bundles are sometimes present and can contribute to the dentin matrix in two special circumstances: The first relates to root dentinogenesis in the rat molar, where it has been demonstrated with the electron microscope that large collagen fiber bundles occur among radicular odontoblasts and pass between the distal junctional complexes into the predentin layer to become incorporated in the mineralized dentin.

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No such fibers have been found associated with coronal ligamento periodontal histologia. Such fibers do not contribute to the formation of predentin, and the pattern of their occurrence is irregular.

The second situation in which interodontoblastic collagen fiber bundles have been described is during secondary ligamento periodontal histologia dentin formation in the root of cat dentin, and again their occurrence is irregular.

No information exists as to whether this collagen is the product of the odontoblast, being secreted along its lateral surface, or whether it originates from the activity of pulpal fibroblasts.

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