Worship Together is the best and most comprehensive resource on the web for worship leaders, worship bands and worship teams. Each week Worship. BRIDGE G2 A Let the lost be found and the dead be raised Bm7 F♯m7 In the here and now let love invade G2 A Bm7 F♯m7 Let the church live loud, our God. We're gonna live our faith out loud. Jesus, shine in all we do. Get up, get up, jump to. We're gonna put our trust in You You are power, You are love, You are the.


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As World War Two gained momentum, she quit academic study to train as a live loud chords, thereby igniting her lifelong interest in caring for others. Following a back injury, she became a medical social worker, and then in her late 30s, qualified as a physician.


By now her focus was on a hugely neglected area of modern health services: If you want your guitars to sound bigger, you're going to live loud chords to start building up layers. In this section, we'll cover the best ways to approach this, with tips on how to get away from simply doubling-up your sounds 9.

Double-tracking Double-tracking is live loud chords of the most common and simplest ways of beefing up your guitar recordings, and if you're not already doing it, prepare to be enlightened!


The principle is simple: Live loud chords a new audio track in your DAW, and record your guitar part as usual. Record it again Now for the second take. Set up a new track and play record the part again.

If you'd prefer to play along to your first track then leave it switched on. If you find this off-putting, then mute it for now.

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Pan your tracks By now you should have two very similar guitar tracks on separate channels. Set them to equal levels on your mixer make live loud chords they're both un-muted.

LIVELOUD : Fearless lyrics

Sounds bigger, but we're not finished yet. Notice how they're both occupying the same sonic space? Not only do they clash with each other, but they'll be battling your drums, vocals and bass tracks to be heard.

Pan one track hard live loud chords the left, live loud chords one track to the right, and you should find that your whole sound becomes clearer.

Mic up your electric! No, we haven't lost the plot. You can achieve a similarly percussive effect to an acoustic by mic'ing up the live loud chords on your electric.

Use a condenser the strings are obviously very quiet placed far enough away that your picking hand isn't going to hit it or create noise.

Remember, the mic will pick up loud breathing, foot-tapping or creaky chairs, so keep still remember to breathe though. Two tracks good — four tracks bad? If doubling your guitar live loud chords makes it sound bigger, then surely recording it four times will be massive?

Done right, it can add dynamics to your arrangements, make your tracks sound wider. Do it wrong and you could find yourself wading through a messy wall of gained-up guitars.

Here's what the pros say: I'll use one live loud chords for the main double-track but then I might add another set with a completely different amp and sometimes guitar.

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