For an archetypal school story, take the following: a heroine starting her first term at boarding school, wavering between fear and excitement; her classmates. Conor Nally This book is about a girl called Darrell Rivers who goes to her first term at a boarding school called "Malory Towers" and makes a lot of friends. First Term at Malory Towers is the first Malory Towers book by Enid Blyton. The book introduces the main characters including Darrell Rivers, Sally Hope, Mary-Lou, Alicia Johns, Gwendoline Mary Lacey, and teachers such as Miss Potts and Miss Grayling.


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I have read the other books too. Sarah, Malaysia, 27 March I loved this series so much when I was a child and I'm reading it to my 8-year-old daughter, who loves it just as much as I did.

It's a timeless classic. Emma, Devon, 07 November this is one amazing story i have ever read in my life. I love how the collection carries on until Felicity ends school as malory towers first term, so you get her point of view in with the story as well!!


She quickly befriends several of the girls in her dormitory, including cunning Alicia and artistic but scatter-brained Irene, though she has malory towers first term getting along with the spoilt Gwendoline Mary Lacey and the withdrawn and unfriendly Sally Hope. She even flares up at the head girl Katherine for not punishing people like Gwendoline and making sure that they learned their lesson.

First Term at Malory Towers - Wikipedia

Twenty minutes later, however, Darrell regrets her loss of temper and apologises to Katherine and Gwen. Mary-Lou becomes devoted to Darrell, annoying her with her efforts to become her friend.


During half-term, Darrell asks Sally if she would like to go out but is turned down. Later, when Darrell asks Sally about her baby sister, Sally denies having one. Full Review This may contain spoilers: Jo Chambers' Review In this first of the Malory Towers series we are introduced to Darrell Malory towers first term, the heroine, and several of the girls who are to be key players throughout the series.

We first see Malory towers first term as a 'new girl', arriving at school two terms behind most of her classmates and feeling strange and bewildered. She is quickly taken under the wing of the quick witted and sharp tongued Alicia Johns and settles down to work and fun. Darrell's first term contains some ups and downs, however.

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She has a difficult relationship with prim new girl Sally Hope, who appears to resent Darrell's happy family life. And an incident of bullying in the school swimming malory towers first term results in Darrell losing her temper and slapping another of the form's new girls, the spoiled Gwendoline Mary Lacey.

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