Horoscope and natal chart of Max Heindel, born on /07/ you will find in this page an excerpt of the astrological portrait and the interpration of the. Max Heindel, born Carl Louis von Grasshoff in Aarhus, Denmark on July 23, , was a Danish-American Christian occultist, astrologer, and mystic. He died on  ‎Early infancy · ‎Life experience · ‎Rosicrucian Initiate · ‎Occult writings. Max Heindel, born Carl Louis von Grasshoff in Aarhus, Denmark on July 23, , was a Danish-American Christian occultist, astrologer, and mystic. He died on.


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Acquiring knowledge throughout your life is very valuable to you.


You have a good head on your shoulders and are skilled at long-term thinking and strategy. Travelling is particularly beneficial for you as it will open your mind and teach you max heindel astrology to understand yourself, others, and the world more thoroughly.

The Message of the Stars, by Max Heindel

Usually prone to seeing things on a grand scale, you may tend to overlook details, preferring to pass those tasks onto others who are more interested in them. You are likely to be good at public speaking and people tend to believe in and support you as they intuitively feel that you are an honourable person who will do them max heindel astrology harm.

Genuine and ethical, you would never purposefully betray or mislead others. However, you are max heindel astrology to embellish or amplify your tales slightly in order to make a good impression on others.

Simplified scientific astrology: Max Heindel: : Books

You are full of good humour and find social interactions with others easy and enjoyable. Philosophical or religious theories are likely to be on your mind throughout your max heindel astrology. You have no trouble swiftly learning whatever you are interested in.

Max heindel astrology have an amazing way of viewing every aspect of a situation without bias and finding a solution that suits all parties involved.

Medical Astrology by Max Heindel by Saptarishis Astrology - Issuu

Very max heindel astrology of others quirks and shortcomings, you are never vengeful or resentful as you believe life is better lived without harbouring negative emotions. You readily take part in debates because they allow you an opportunity to express your opinions and learn new perspectives.


You would do well in a field that either entails public speaking or is related to finding justice in some way. Business and selling to the public can also be good avenues for you to explore in your max heindel astrology.

Max Heindel

This placement bestows luck upon your undertakings max heindel astrology you are likely to be successful due to your optimism and ability to endure through whatever difficulties come your way; max heindel astrology never-ending hope keeps you afloat.

In your eyes, there is only one right way to do something: Relating to the situation that another might be in does not come naturally to you.

You may have the desire to, though you find yourself unable.


You act on impulse and would do well to develop emotional self-control max heindel astrology the tensions that dwell within you. Your feelings can be delicate sometimes and you max heindel astrology not always keep in mind the consequences your behaviour will have on others. It is not that you mean to be cruel, only that you are unaware.

Energy and will-power is usually stronger with this placement. However, it is important to take time out to relax and recover.

max heindel astrology There may be a tendency to scatter your energies doing too many things at once. You would do well to foster a more patient, dedicated attitude. It is possible that you will have a partnership with a person that is interested in subjects that you either are disinterested in or have never experienced.

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