Leonardo Patrignani · @LeoPatrignani. author of TIME DEAL, THERE and the MULTIVERSUM SAGA - Chris Nolan and Hans Zimmer addicted. MULTIVERSUM T MEMORIA: : LEONARDO PATRIGNANI: Books. Multiversum, tome 2: Memoria de Leonardo Patrignani. dimanche 27 avril Synopsis: Après la catastrophe qui s'est abattue sur la terre, Jenny et Alex se.


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M-Theory predicts that a great many universes were created out of nothing.


Their creation does not require the intervention of some supernatural being or God. Rather these multiversum memoria universes arise naturally from physical law.

Hawking argued that if we assume there are multiple other universes than our own, then an multiversum memoria of how the universe got here without God is possible.

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And if there is a possible explanation of how the universe got here without God, then multiversum memoria need not bother about God. What Hawking never explained was why the theory that there are multiple universes is any more rational an explanation than that God created the universe. Nor did he explain why one possibility necessarily excludes the other.

Why is it a better explanation than the God hypothesis, if the God hypothesis is multiversum memoria a possible explanation?

Multiversum Memoria on Behance

Why choose the former over the latter? The Oxford mathematician and philosopher John Lennox comments on the natural law out of which Hawking says these multiverses arise: Multiversum memoria Hawking appears to have done is to confuse law with agency.

His call on us to choose between God and physics is a bit like someone demanding that we choose between aeronautical engineer Sir Frank Whittle [who invented the turbojet engine] multiversum memoria the laws of physics to explain the jet engine. The second problem is that there are a lot of questions about whether multiverse theory is any less fantastic than the God theory.

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The meta-laws multiversum memoria remain unexplained—eternal, immutable transcendent entities that just happen to exist and must simply be accepted as given. In that respect the meta-laws have a similar status to an unexplained transcendent god.

Multiversum Tome 2 Memoria by Leonardo Patrignani Diane Ménard | eBay

The third problem is the status of multiverse multiversum memoria as science. In fact, all of the things we are told science should do—be observable, be testable, and have predictive power—are multiversum memoria to a large degree from multiverse theory.

In other words, there is not only a question as to whether this scientific theory multiversum memoria explain God away, but there is a debate about whether the theory is scientific at all. Ever since then, writing has always been part of Leonardo's life, first by being a helpful skill when it came to writing the lyrics for the songs of his metal band, Beholder, and then by enabling him to compose a real novel in The book, titled Labirinto, was published by a small company in Torino, and was mostly sold on Beholder's merchandising desks during their gigs.

The novel is now officially sold out.

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