Find great deals on eBay for The Complete Oxford Shakespeare in General and Literary Fiction Books. Shop with confidence. The Oxford edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare ranks among the most authoritative published in the twentieth century. The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works (Second Edition). Stanley Wells, Gary Taylor, John Jowett, and William Montgomery (eds) Publisher: Oxford.


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Mortality and Identity in English Renaissance Tragedy Oxfordand in paperback has been greeted with great critical acclaim, has edited Othello, due to appear shortly.


Publication of the Oxford Shakespeare in Oxford World's Classics makes these editions readily available to sixth-formers oxford complete shakespeare undergraduates today.

I hope they find the series as valuable as I did when I was their age. Stanley Wells, February Dr. The Oxford Complete Works is a truly ground-breaking edition, offering the most radical rethinking of Shakespeare's texts ever published.

Nothing is taken for granted, and it is thoroughly up-to-date. The texts printed here bring us as close as we shall ever get to the plays as they were acted by Oxford complete shakespeare company.

Its editors know that Shakespeare, himself a man of the theatre, reworked some oxford complete shakespeare his plays after they were first performed, and for this reason they give us, for example, two different texts of King Lear.

Throughout, they have rethought the stage directions to bring us to a closer understanding of how the plays were originally performed. And this is a supremely reader-friendly edition, applying newly considered principles of spelling, punctuation and other matters of presentation to make a painless and pleasurable reading experience.

The Oxford Shakespeare

The newly published second edition is updated by adding Edward III, which is increasingly accepted as part of the Shakespeare canon, along with a complete text of Sir Thomas More, to which Shakespeare contributed a scene; it also includes an excellent new essay, by David Crystal, on Shakespeare's language, along with an invaluable guide to further reading.

Graced by informative and thoughtful introductions that are models of compression, this edition must supplant all its predecessors as the Shakespeare for our time. Shakespeare here also shows his mastery of character if only in the form of Shylock whilst the best of Jonson is much more in the way of caricature.

The Merry Wives of Windsor This play doesn't seem to have enjoyed much popularity in my adult lifetime - I can't remember hearing about, let alone actually seeing, any film or stage production of it oxford complete shakespeare and I can't understand why.

It's ripe with opportunities for visual humour, has everybody's favourite character from Henry IV, much wit and punning, a more coherent plot than many another Shakespeare comedy and even offers wide scope oxford complete shakespeare set and costume designers.

I'd love to see this, filmed, or, even better, live on stage. For those not in the know, the play revolves around an episode from Oxford complete shakespeare Falstaff's life prior to his association with Oxford complete shakespeare Hal, in which he attempts to cuckold his neighbours.

There is a subplot regarding who will marry one Anne Page, from three suitors, leading to a typically Shakespearean ending with implied happy marriage.

A new consideration of Shakespeare’s works

In one sense this is a-typical Shakespeare - despite ostensibly being historical - set in the reign of Henry IV - it could, if you changed the characters' names, not be identified as anything oxford complete shakespeare than contemporary with the author. It also deals not with the high-born oxford complete shakespeare rich but with professionals and labourers - and rogues and thieves - making it very Jonsonian.

Apparently it is a very popular choice in schools because it has no "bawdy. Julius Caesar didn't go down very well; it was terribly confusing.

The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works

Caesar dies half way through having done and said very little. What was that all about?

The only bit that I remember liking was Antony's great rhetorical swaying of the plebians. The way he achieved that was fascinating. My second encounter with the play was an outdoor performance in the courtyard of Conwy Castle, my main memory of which was having a sore bum because of inadequate cushioning from the courtyard floor sat as I was on a couple of camping mats placed directly on the flagstones.

So oxford complete shakespeare much joy oxford complete shakespeare either. And the whole structure was still confusing - it isn't about Julius! This fact was never explained by my teacher.

The Oxford Shakespeare - William Shakespeare - Oxford University Press

But there is an explanation: The central figure of the title is an enigma around which the real action revolves - the motive oxford complete shakespeare for chaos and tragedy more by other people's responses to him than by his direct actions.

And that's what we have here. Shakespeare writing a play after the fashion of the Latin dramatists he oxford complete shakespeare familiar with from school, who in turn were following the fashion and subject matter of the Greek plays of antiquity.

Now, having learned this and also having come into contact with some of that ancient drama, I re-read Julius Caesar and find that it does in fact make sense, structurally if looked at this way.

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