This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy Color. These pages and SoulSilver. The guide for those can be found here.‎Sections · ‎Main Storyline. Any% / , TrainerID manipulation guide - Kylovic - June 15th · Kylovic Pokemon Gold Any% No Save Corruption Guide (no Totodile or Encounter. This guide is mostly for people who never played Gold or Silver back in the /r/pokemon is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV  Looking for Pokemon Gold guide: speedrun.


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Still, not all of the available trades are a good deal. I can recommend Onix and Machop since the trade material is easy to acquire Bellsprout, Pokemon gold guide and both Pokemon help you immediately Onix is good against Falkner's flying types while Machop works wonders against Whitney's Miltank.

A Guide to Pokemon Gold and Silver : pokemon

Unfortunately, it's the only way to get Aerodactyl in the game, so the choice is up pokemon gold guide you. Voltorb and Rapidash pokemon gold guide not really worth it since you can catch Voltorb in the Rocket Headquarters.

Silver and Ponyta are all over the place in Kanto. Rhydon is a total rip-off as the trader demands a female Dragonair for it. You'd need the super rod to get a Dragonair, but the super rod is only available in mid Kanto, so you would have to use the good rod to catch a Dratini, train it to Lv.

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Rhydon might be rare, but it's not that pokemon gold guide unless it's your favorite and you just need to have it on your team before the E4. Evolution items First of all, most of the evolution items are only pokemon gold guide to you once per game.

You might still get additional ones from wild Pokemon who hold these items, but it's a tedious grind.

Pokémon Gold/Silver - Guides -

Tohjo Falls 1x, requires Surf but not waterfall5th purchase of mom if you allow her to save your money, Mt. Pokemon gold guide 25 from Bill's grandfather, show him Oddish 7: TMs I won't say much about it, but remember that in Gen2, TMs are one time use only, so choose wisely who should receive that Earthquake.

pokemon gold guide


It is also worth noting that the Goldenrod Department store sells the elemental pokemon gold guide TMs. These punches provide good type coverage for many Pokemon e.

Thunderpunch for Typhlosion or Ice Punch for Feraligatr.


HMs The HMs pokemon gold guide this game are: I strongly advise against teaching a permanent team member Flash, Waterfall and Whirlpool not even your HM slavebecause you very rarely need any of these HMs.

It is smarter to teach those HMs to a Pokemon you normally don't use and take it into your team when needed: It's been a long time, ok?

Flash is required in Dark Cave, Mt. Surf is often needed and a good water attack in general and always better than Waterfall because in Gen 2, all water attacks are special and Surf does pokemon gold guide damage than Waterfall.

Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough

Fly and Strength are not the best attacks, but in-game wise, they are good enough to have them permanently on your team. Cut is horrible, but taking a Pokemon out of the box whenever you encounter a tree is a pain.

I'd say just teach it one of your Pokemon and pretend that Cut is pokemon gold guide badass as it sounds.

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