First of all, no one learn Revit from a to z before start to use it professionally. If you want more information about learning Revit, check out my other answers. Our Revit tutorials cover rendering, phasing and design options, plus Revit Essential Training for Architecture (Imperial) Beginner Revit Courses. Autodesk Revit is one of the most popular building information modeling (BIM), solutions today. This course covers the differences between the various editions.


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This means that every component is parametrically linked to other components i.

Revit Tutorials | BIM Training | Revit Tutorials and BIM Training

If, for instance, you want to raise the height of the roof in a Revit design, the height of the walls will change automatically with it. Increase the dimensions of a revit tutorials for beginners and the wall linked to it parametrically will reflect the change dynamically.

This BIM Model can save you countless hours in the design process; understanding it is an important part of learning Revit.

Find the Right Resources There are hundreds of Revit training courses out there, both online and offline. Revit tutorials for beginners classes — which can stretch from a few weeks to year-long diplomas in architectural technology — are expensive and resource-intensive, but offer the advantage of a peer group and dedicated faculty.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Autodesk Revit Architecture

Online courses, on the other hand, help you revit tutorials for beginners at your own pace and cost significantly less than their offline counterparts. These courses can be as, or even more effective than offline courses, provided you stick to a schedule and follow instructions precisely.

Any Revit related job you might take would require you to create models that adhere to the construction norms and best-practices in your local area or relevant industry. Houses in South Beach, Florida, for instance, revit tutorials for beginners have very different design guidelines than houses in Manhattan, New York.

Revit tutorials for beginners a flamboyant Dubai skyscraper, on the other hand, requires completely different design aesthetics and skills than a minimalist San Francisco museum. In other words, create models that work in the real world.

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Complement your Revit skills by learning related software such as AutoCad, SketchUp and Photoshop to not only increase your knowledge, but also improve your employment opportunities.

AutoCad revit tutorials for beginners, the industry-leading CAD design software, is the tool most favored by architects for creating initial 2D drawings and sketches which can later be transferred to Revit. Learning AutoCad through courses such as this quick AutoCad crash course will help you make better designs faster.

Photoshop, on the other hand, is the tool of choice for adding finishing touches to 3D models. Photoshop is primarily used for creating detailed textures, adding images, graphics, and visual flourish to revit tutorials for beginners 3D renderings.


Picking up Photoshop is relatively easy, as this popular Photoshop CS6 crash course will teach you. Learn Architectural Theory Learning a tool without understanding its theoretical basis will leave you half-equipped to revit tutorials for beginners problems. Picking up the basics of architectural theory — the hows and whys of building design — will make you a far better Revit practitioner.

Revit Tutorials | CADTutor

Getting a grip on major architectural design movements, from gothic revival and baroque to revit tutorials for beginners and contemporary, will also help you design better buildings. Mastering Revit will not only make you a better architect, but it will boost your employment opportunities.

With courses such as this concise introduction to Revit essentials, you can learn this powerful software revit tutorials for beginners no time. How do you use Revit in your workplace?


Share your tips and insight in the comments section below! With such complicated software, the only way you really learn the product is by using the product on actual projects and continuously reading the official documentation.

Printed books are now irrelevant as software changes revit tutorials for beginners the printing plates are ready.

What are the best free tutorials for Revit Architecture? - Quora

Autodesk has a learning website and a revit tutorials for beginners website both of which have great content. If you have an aim like "I will finish these tutorials and I will be very good at Revit Architecture" it is not a bad target; but the expectation is not very realistic. You will be able to use the software; but there will be revit tutorials for beginners more still to discover.

To me, learning continuously is one of the most enjoying parts of any work.

Revit Tutorials

Your feedback is private. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Worksharing - By learning Revit only in Online tutorials, books, etc. You can't grasp the Worksharing options of Revit.

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