We shall look at the top 10 largest sugarcane-producing states in India in We are submitting this data after taking into effect the drought. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Sugarcane Production and Development of Sugar Industry in India | The Indian sugar industry, second largest in the world. Distribution: Uttar Pradesh: The largest concentration is in the upper Ganga-Yamuna Doab, Rohilkhand and trans-Saryu areas which together produce about 70 per cent of sugarcane produced in this state. Maharashtra: Karnataka: Tamil Nadu: Andhra Pradesh: Gujarat: Punjab: Haryana.


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Between andmost of the 10, remaining workers were deported in an effort to keep Australia racially pure and protect white workers from cheap foreign labour.

The dissolution of the Soviet state forced the closure of most of Cuba's sugar industry.

Sugarcane - Wikipedia

Sugarcane remains an important part of the economy of GuyanaBelizeBarbadosand Haitialong with the Dominican RepublicGuadeloupeJamaicaand other islands. On the right is the "white officer", the European overseer.

Sugarcane production in india workers toil during the harvest. To the left is a flat-bottomed vessel for cane transportation. It is one of the most efficient photosynthesizers in the plant kingdom.


Once a major crop of the southeastern region of the United States, sugarcane cultivation has declined there in recent decades, and is sugarcane production in india primarily confined to FloridaLouisianaand South Texas. Sugarcane is cultivated in the sugarcane production in india and subtropics in areas with a plentiful supply of water for a continuous period of more than six to seven months each year, either from natural rainfall or through irrigation.

The crop does not tolerate severe frosts.

  • Top 10 Sugarcane Producing States of India
  • Sugarcane Cultivation in India: Conditions, Production and Distribution
  • Sugarcane Cultivation in India: Conditions, Production and Distribution
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In terms of altitude, sugarcane crop is found up to 1, metres or 5, feet close to the equator in countries such as Sugarcane production in indiaEcuadorand Peru. Both plentiful sunshine and water supplies increase cane production.


The state does not get much rainfall either from the North East Monsoon winds. In spite of these drawbacks, Tamil Nadu holds the Indian record of producing tonnes per hectare.

Top 10 Largest Sugarcane Producing States in India | Trendrr

In spite of having less area of land under sugarcane cultivation in comparison to Karnataka 2. Many parts of South Tamil Nadu have black sugarcane production in india soil, perfect for sugarcane plantation. Tamil Nadu is a worthy No 3 as far as sugarcane production in India is concerned.

Maharashtra should rank first in this list. However, a couple of years of continuous drought have brought down the yields considerably.

Sugar: India’s sugar production to be up by % to %, says ISMA - The Economic Times

Maharashtra depends on rainfall for the swelling of its rivers. The last two years of drought and the disputes between the sugar barons and the farmers over the sugarcane production in india issue have made the farmers switch over to other crops including horticulture.

However, Maharashtra has 9 lakh hectares of sugarcane cultivable land especially in the districts of Ahmednagar, Pune, Aurangabad, Satara, and Solapur.

Maharashtra has many sugar mills owned by different politicians. The annual production this sugarcane production in india was only Now, we shall come to biggest state in India, Uttar Pradesh. Based on the satellite images procured in the latter part of Junethe total acreage under sugarcane in the country is estimated to be around It is also noted that area sugarcane production in india almost similar to the area reported in and and slightly below 54 lac ha.

Uttar Pradeshthe leading sugarcane producing State in the country, is estimated to have higher sugarcane area at ISMA is expecting a better yield in SS due to further increase in area under the high yielding cane variety Co


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