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The history of the Tamil Tigers

It is not possible to ascertain what languages that they originally spoke as Vedda language is considered diverged from its original source.

Indrapalacultural diffusionrather than migration of people, spread the Prakrit and Tamil languages from peninsular India into an existing mesolithic population, centuries before the common era. Bearing a remarkable resemblance to burials in the Early Pandyan Kingdomthese sites were established between the tamil eelam history in tamil century BCE and 2nd century CE.

However, Indian history and archaeology have pushed the date back to 15th century BCE.

Tamil Eelam - தமிழ் ஈழ விடுதலைப் போராட்டம்

In Sri Lanka, there is radiometric evidence from Anuradhapura that the non- Brahmi symbol-bearing black and red ware occur in the 10th century BCE. Tamil eelam history in tamil Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation TRO runs a variety of development, relief and reconstruction projects as well as assisting several non-government organisations with their projects.

All this is a tribute to the spirit and resilience of the Tamil people An armed resistance movement takes shape in the womb of oppression.

Its seeds are to be found in the eternal quest for equality and freedom.

But, though born of natural parents it is at birth illegitimate - because it breaches the existing legal frame, and seeks to supplant it.

And that simple fact has much to do with its subsequent development tamil eelam history in tamil growth. An tamil eelam history in tamil resistance movement acquires legitimacy and becomes 'lawful' through its growth and success - not simply because the ends it seeks to achieve are just The metamorphosis from 'unlawful' to 'lawful' is gradual and many layered and is related not only to the justice of the ends it seeks to achieve and the legality of the means it employs but also to the extent to which a guerrilla movement is able to secure and maintain permanent control of territory.

It is not a case of one or the other, but a case of all three As such, just and reasonable tamil eelam history in tamil struggles fought for righteous causes are also branded as terrorism.

Even authentic liberation movements struggling against racist oppression are denounced as terrorist outfits. In the current global campaign against terror, state terrorism always finds its escape route and those who fight against state terror are condemned as terrorists.

Our liberation organisation is also facing a similar plight How does LTTE function as a government? Each of the civilian government departments has many employees on its payroll.


How does the LTTE fund itself? The LTTE's financial infrastructure is among the most complex and most secret of any terrorist group.

Sri Lankan Tamils

They were educated in English The country [Ceylon] will never be put together again. Somebody should have told them — change the system, loosen up, or break off.

And looking back, I think the Tunku was wise.


I offered a loosening up of the system. Had we stayed in, and I look at Colombo and Ceylon, I mean changing names, sometimes maybe you deceive the gods, but I don't think you are deceiving the people who live in them. It makes no great difference tamil eelam history in tamil the tragedy that is being enacted.

They failed because they had weak or wrong leaders.

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