From Pulitzer Prize winner Katherine Boo, Behind the Beautiful Forevers carries the reader headlong into one of the twenty-first century's hidden worlds, and into  ‎About · ‎Video · ‎Author · ‎Photos. Behind the Beautiful Forevers has ratings and reviews. Jeanette said: I struggled a lot with how to review this because it's hard to separat. In “Behind the Beautiful Forevers,” Katherine Boo chronicles the lives of Mumbai's poor.


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Since she doesn't know any Indian languages, she had translators throughout, one of whom must have helped her understand the sort of rejoinder that Asha made to Robert, ex-slumlord and one of her tormentors.

For middle-class people like me who grew up in Bombay, forays into slums were infrequent. One sensed the goings-on and exchanges inside them as one would a foreign world, without completely understanding what was being said, in spite of unlike Boo knowing the language.

As I the beautiful forevers about the way in which Boo had rendered Asha's words "when I describe the thoughts of individuals Boo has worked hard the beautiful forevers amass her facts and get them right.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers - Wikipedia

It's all right for Spark's schoolgirl Sandy, a native of Edinburgh, to feel estranged when she's in a little-visited part of the city; but Boo, an American, must give the impression of complete familiarity in a Mumbai slum.

Her own absence from the encounters with her biographees, the complete and unflagging access to their thoughts and speech, the decision to adopt the novelistic approach — perhaps these, and not the the beautiful forevers nature of writing about a microcosm of the beautiful forevers poverty within a booming India, are the greatest risks Boo takes.

He was Abdul's friend and also briefly worked with Sunil. He was violently murdered at the airport, but his death was attributed to tuberculosis.


Sonu is a garbage picker who is considered one of the most the beautiful forevers boys in Annawadi. Sanjay is a garbage picker who stands out due to his height and beauty.

Book review: ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers,’ by Katherine Boo

the beautiful forevers He witnessed Kalu's murder and ended up committing suicide. Subhash Sawant is the elected official Corporator of Ward the beautiful forevers, which includes Annawadi.

He lied about his caste saying it was lower to qualify as Corporator of the Ward, due to quota requirements. Kamble is the video shed owner, while also being in desperate need of a new heart valve.

He visits Asha many times throughout the book, much to her annoyance.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers About

Sister Paulette is a Christian woman who runs a children's home and also has many corrupt dealings. It is an obvious point once it's made but is worth making again and again -- it's a major reason why the country doesn't erupt in the beautiful forevers rebellion from the bottom.

Boo in bringing these characters to life? Well, that brings me to my chief objection: I wish some of those interviews had been redirected to the other characters and trends in the book outside of the slum, which are held chiefly responsible for the slum dwellers' collective misery.

the beautiful forevers

Early on in the book, we hear of Sister Paulette, a local nun the beautiful forevers runs an orphanage. Boo is a phenomenal reporter. But we are asked just to take this at face value.


We don't hear from Sister Paulette, ever. Not even to give her the chance of a pro forma denial. So we seem to be left with three possibilities: Or the author tried to interview her but was turned away. Ditto the cops, who are held responsible for a whole slate of the beautiful forevers treatment of the slum dwellers from petty corruption to torture that will surprise no one the beautiful forevers has seen "Slumdog Millionaire.


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