The determiner is an important noun modifier which provides introduces and provides context to a noun, often in terms of quantity and possession. Determiners in English precede a noun or noun phrase and include articles, demonstratives, quantifiers and possessives. We use a specific determiner when we believe the listener/reader knows exactly what we are referring to: Can you pass me the salt please? Look at those lovely. Passive voice · Phrasal verbs · Subjunctive · Verb usage · Grammar disputes · v · t · e. An important role in English grammar is played by determiners – words or phrases that precede.


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The multipliers precede plural count and mass nouns and occur with singular count nouns denoting number or amount: This van holds three times the passengers as that sports car.

Articles, Determiners, and Quantifiers

This time we added five times the amount of water. In fractional expressions, we have a similar construction, but here it can be replaced with "of" construction.

use of determiners


Charlie finished in one-fourth [of] the time his brother took. Two-fifths of the respondents reported that half the medication was sufficient.

The intensifiers occur in this use of determiners primarily in casual speech and writing and are more common in British English than they are in American English.

The intensifier "what" is often found in stylistic fragments: The ticket-holders made quite a fuss when they couldn't get in. Use of determiners an idiot he turned out to be.

Our vacation was such a grand experience. Half, both, and all can occur with singular and plural count nouns ; half and all can occur with mass nouns.

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There are also "of constructions" with these words "all [of] the grain," "half [of] his salary" ; the "of construction" is required with personal pronouns "both of them," "all of it".

The following chart from Quirk and Greenbaum nicely describes the uses of these three predeterminers: The is called the definite article because it usually precedes a specific or previously mentioned noun ; a and an are called indefinite articles because they are used to refer to something in a use of determiners specific manner an unspecified count noun.

These words are also listed among the noun use of determiners or determiners because they are almost invariably followed by a noun or something else acting as a noun.

How Do You Use Determiners and Quantifiers? - Eurocentres Blog Eurocentres Blog

Even after you learn all the principles behind the use of these articles, you will find an abundance of situations use of determiners choosing the correct article or choosing whether to use one use of determiners not will prove chancy. Icy highways are dangerous. The icy highways are dangerous.

In this lesson, we will go over the definition of a determiner, discuss the types of determiners, and explore the uses of determiners.

What Is a Determiner?

Determiners are words that come before a noun and serve to modify the noun. Determiners use of determiners nouns by providing context and specificity to use of determiners noun. Let's take a look at the following sentence and identify the modifier: That cat is very fat.

The word 'that' is the determiner. The determiner moves to specify exactly which cat the speaker is referring to in order to clarify and contextualize the information. Many different parts of speech can operate as determiners.


Like stated previously, articles, demonstratives, quantifiers, and possessives are the most popular types of words that can be determiners. Types of Determiners Let's take a few moments to look at some different use of determiners of determiners.

Note that many words or phrases that use of determiners as determiners can also play the role of pronouns ; for example, the word all is a determiner in the sentences All men are equal and I know all the rules, but a pronoun in All's well that ends well. In other cases, there is a related but distinct pronoun form; for example, the determiners my and no have corresponding pronouns mine and none.

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