Borges and Narrative Economy: Conservative Formalism or Subversion of Signification? Kefala, E. In: Variaciones Borges. 18, p. Research. C. Parodi, DenmarkI. Almeida, Denmark. Department of Language, Literature and Culture. It is located at the University of Pittsburgh, publishes the journal Variaciones Borges, and hosts the website Its director is Daniel Balderston.


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Variaciones Borges - Research publications - University of St Andrews

To solve this particular issue, I learnt how to edit a font and designed a handful of missing characters to match the typeface.

Every cover image is loosely inspired by the themes in the lead article in the issue. Of the cover, Balderston wrote in his editorial note to that issue of the jornal: The type was set following a double stranded modular scale using 16px and 20px base sizes and a golden section factor.

Because ereader software flows text withing predetermined margins and allows users to adjust type size, the crucial variaciones borges to be established in the book are set through vertical spacing and type variaciones borges.

A modular typographic scale set in ems sets a fluid system and helps establish and maintain a set of proportions as user adjust overall sizes. Because the EPUB format is a compressed set of files which contains the fonts which can then be redistributedand in order to avoid licencing conflicts, I chose a new typefaces for this version of the journal: Variaciones Variaciones borges 10, This Craft of Verse.

Borges en diez miradas.


Borges en Revista Multicolor. Los caminos de Borges. Lumen, by Patricia Willson.

Variaciones Borges - Hispanic Studies Journals & Academic Presses

Brescia, Pablo, Lauro Zabala comp. Cuentos y ensayos de cuentistas. Dos miradas sobre Borges. Variaciones Borges 8, Continuum, variaciones borges Lies Wijnterp.

Destino, by Cristina Parodi, Variaciones Variaciones borges 4, Sirpus, by Cristina Parodi. Espasa-Calpe, by Daniel Balderston.

Journal | Borges Center

Variaciones Borges 1, Historia de una eternidad. Variaciones Borges 6, Variaciones borges Borda, Juan Gustavo. Rescate y glosa de textos de Borges y sobre Borges. Instituto Variaciones borges y Cuervo, by Cristina Parodi. Ficciones de una crisis.

Gredos, by Cristina Parodi. Borges Between History and Eternity. Continuum, by Edna Aizenberg.


Variaciones Borges 37, Variaciones borges Giovanni, Norman Thomas, ed. Civil Coping Mechanism, by Mark Frisch. Fine, Ruth and Daniel Blaustein, eds.


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