They include Why Sanskrit?, Present Tense (Simple Sentences), Introduction to Vibhakti, Vibhaktis (Cases), Elements of a verb word, Practice. Vibhakthi Vallari. SANSKRIT · SAMATA BOOKS · CD'S BHAJAN/CHANTS · TELUGU CD'S AND DVD'S · Gift Items · Our Products >> Vibhakthi Vallari. vallari, f. (only rī-) a particular musical instrument View this entry on the original .. vibhakti, f. a particular division of a sāman- (equals bhakti-) View this entry on.


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However, during mughal rule the language suffered the most as Hinduism, itself was under attack. Then the British came with their goal to rule the country and they in a systematic manner tried to kill Sanskrit, the fountainhead of the Indian culture.

Sanskrit is a treasure house of knowledge vibhakti vallari the fields of philosophy, literature, physics, astronomy, medicine, mathematics and music. Now a days lots of non-Hindus like Muslims and Christians are joining hands to hands to vibhakti vallari Sanskrit.

E-learning system has given importance to Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit is on the top of the list in learning language through e-learning. E- learning in Sanskrit vibhakti vallari can be classified into two classes.

Firstly, Sanskrit learning through e-learning can be online where one can learn Sanskrit through internet, web vibhakti vallari on line.


Secondly, it is off line. In this we also use computer and learning tools but it is not online causes this is done through interactive Vibhakti vallari, multimedia CDs, audiotapes, software.

Some useful Sanskrit related sites

Which is beneficial for learning Sanskrit. We can say offline learning is more vibhakti vallari popular because it is prepared very nicely in well-stepped manner and in interactive design and presented in CDs, multimedia VCDs which are available all over the world.


These are prepared for beginners specially so that one, even foreigners can learn the language Sanskrit very interestingly. To make our culture live, many Indian vibhakti vallari company have contributed in this regard.

Some useful Sanskrit related sites | Vidyaadaanam

They have prepared software, online dictionaries of Sanskrit, CDs making available for everyone throughout the world. Not only Indian, but foreign institution, have also contributed vibhakti vallari make Sanskrit e-learning vibhakti vallari and useful.

These are so many scholar of Sanskrit in foreign countries like US, Canada, Japan, China who have devoted their lives for the upliftment and development of this language.

These are so many websites on which one can learn Sanskrit from beginning upto a very advanced level. Almost every websites can be viewed free of cost and online dictionary, software vibhakti vallari can be accessed.

These websites vibhakti vallari dictionaries as well as voice-chats in Sanskrit, tutorial classes for learners, downloadable software, fonts, and making friends with Sanskrit speaker and online conversation guide to with them. Many sites teaches pronunciation of a Sanskrit alphabets.

Precondition Failed

One can easily access the vibhakti vallari tutorial class happening anywhere online free of cost. On the second hand these are also some commercial websites who charge nominal fees for viewing their sites. After becoming member of those websites one can access that sites and access to the advanced online classes for beginner learners of Sanskrit.

One can also order for the interactive CDs, VCDs, audiotapes, software online and they will get home delivered vibhakti vallari a week. May be a little economical motive behind this but of course yet it is useful for learners and for the perseverance of ancient language which is more scientific even it is very old language.


Following are the brief description of different websites specialized in Sanskrit vibhakti vallari In vibhakti vallari we can learn Sanskrit online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning our language.

We can write or speak Sanskrit online to improve grammar or conversation. A language exchange complements other forms of learning such as classroom, cultural immersion and multimedia, because we get to practice all that we have learned with native speakers in vibhakti vallari safe and supportive environment.

  • Precondition Failed
  • Samskrita Sangha:Library - BluWiki - Bluwiki
  • Courses and Syllabuses - Sanskrit
  • Sharing the received Vidyaa with all

The most important feature of this site is one can learn the real Vibhakti vallari language in slang, vibhakti vallari etc used by ordinary native speakers. Secondly, making a friend in the Sanskrit speaking culture.

We can practice over Sanskrit by writing emails to pen pals. Practice written conversation by using text chat system provided pre in this site.

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